Peptide Therapy

Peptides are small proteins comprised of short chains of amino acids that act as signaling molecules. Peptides regulate gene control of protein synthesis. With age, immune system function decreases and changes inside the cell lead to impaired protein production.

There are several thousand known peptides which control gene expression regulating every system of the body, including immune system, hormonal regulation, tissue healing, brain and central nervous system health, DNA repair, and much more.

Peptide therapy has extraordinarily high levels of safety. Because they are so specifically able to target gene expression, like specific keys opening specific locks, they do not have side effects because they do not affect anything else, only their target. Peptides can be used for chronic disease treatment, antiaging purposes, immune function restoration, cognitive health, performance enhancement and preventative care.

Given that peptides act to stimulate very specific and targeted effects in the body, their range of therapeutic benefit is extremely broad. Specific Peptides can be used for every organ system or more globally for super regulation of hormonal glands or cellular rejuvenation through Telomere lengthening.

Peptides can potentiate the effectiveness of many other treatments. Science has shown that aging is a dynamic process that can be successfully delayed and even reversed.  Peptides are a powerful cornerstone of our anti-aging approach.

At AM Medical LLC we work with patients to develop individualized peptide recommendations for specific diseases or anti-aging purposes.

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