IV Nutrient Therapy

At AM Medical LLC provides specialized individualized IV therapy for all disease states and disease prevention; from reversal of arteriosclerosis protocols,  IV cancer therapy, treatment of macular degeneration,  chronic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, individualized IV mineral depletion treatments, super immune enhancements, high dose vitamin C, Gluthadione IV therapy, intravenous iron repletion for severe iron deficiency anemia and more.

Dr Mihalcea studied Integrative medicine with Dr. Mitch Ghen, a national leading Physician in Integrative Medicine, Author of the Text book “The Science and Art of Parenteral Clinical Nutrition” and faculty at NOVA Southeastern University and has utilized his consulting services to enhance her integrative and IV Therapy skills with his 38 years of expertise in IV Nutritional Therapy. Dr Mihalcea uses proven protocols developed by Dr Ghen with extraordinary success rates in reversal of arteriosclerosis and other chronic diseases.