About Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea, M.D.

President, Founder, Medical Director AM Medical LLC

Completed Integrative Training:

Integrative Medical Training 2019 with Dr Mitch Ghen, DO, PhD a renowned specialist in integrative and anti-aging medicine. Dr Ghen is faculty at NOVA Southeastern University, Author of multiple textbooks including the “The Science and Art of Parenteral Clinical Nutrition”.  Dr Mihalcea has utilized his consulting services to enhance her integrative skills and to advance her practice from conventional medicine to the “Medicine of the Future”.  The President of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) called Dr. Ghen “one of the top 20 physician practitioners in anti-aging regenerative medicine in the world today.”

Certified Chelation Practitioner October 2019 ACAM’s Certified Chelation Therapy (CCT) designation is the gold standard for chelation therapy certification – a CCT trained practitioner has the highest caliber of training available to date. CCT designation elevates the practitioner to a higher standard of reputation and professional development. Our rigorous and sound program ensures that only those truly qualified to administer chelation therapy safely and effectively are awarded designation. CCT is renewed every 5 years to provide evidence of the expansion of professional knowledge and evidence of continued competence in chelation therapies. As ACAM is internationally recognized for its CCT designation, most potential chelation patients specifically seek out CCT certified practitioners for their treatment. 

Previous Experience

2014 – 2018 Medical Director, Geriatric Center of Excellence, Providence Clinic at Panorama, Lacey, WA

2014-2019 Site Clinical Lead Providence Clinic at Panorama, Lacey, WA

2016-2019 Medical Director, Panorama Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center, Lacey, WA

Graduate Providence Physician Leadership Training Program 2015-2017

John Koster Providence Health System Physician Leadership Award 2015

Chairman, Continuum of Care Committee and Expert Advisor to Washington State Fall prevention Action Plan 2018

Clinical Experience

2008 to 2019    Full time Internist/Geriatrician with Providence Health & Services at Panorama Clinic in Lacey, WA

2007 to 2008   Full time Internist at Olympic Physicians, P.L.L.C, Shelton, WA and

Attending Physician at Mason General Hospital, Shelton, WA

2004 -2007 Full time Internist at the Tri Area Health Clinic, a Community Health

Center in Southwest Virginia, Veterans Administration Satellite clinic

2000-2003 Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA


1993 – 1999 M.D., Doctor of Medicine, Rheinian Westfalian Technical University School of Medicine, Aachen, Germany

1995 – 2001 Post Graduate Doctoral Thesis/ PhD: Rheinian Westfalian Technical University, School of Medicine, Aachen, Germany, Department of Pathology: Prognostic Value of MIB-1 Immunohistochemical Analysis in Gastric Cancer

Professional Memberships:

American Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine

American College for Advancement of Medicine

American College of Physicians

International Peptide Society

Publications  in Scientific Journals:

Imad A. Tabbara, Zeina Nahleh, Sebastien Kairouz, Ana Maria Mihalcea

Current concepts in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Anticancer Res. 2003 Nov-Dec;23(6D):5055-67. Review.

Stefan Biesterfeld, Helen Louise Kraus, Thorsten Reinecke, Leon Muys, Ana Maria Mihalcea, Christian Rudlowaki: Analysis of the reliability of manual and automated immunohistochemical staining procedures. A pilot study. Anal Quant Cytol Histol. 2003 Apr;25(2):90-6.

Stefan Biesterfeld, Kordula Reus, Ebentraud Bayer-Pietsch, Ana Maria Mihalcea, Alfred Bocking  : DNA Image Cytometry in the differential diagnosis of Endocervical Carcinoma, Cancer Cytopathology, Vol 93, Issue 2, 2001

Ana Maria Mihalcea, D. Lynne Smith, Paolo Monini, Cecilia Sgadari, Barbara Ensoli, Parkash S. Gill: Treatment Update for AIDS-related Kaposi’s Sarcoma

AIDS 1999, 13 (suppl A): S215-225

Stefan Biesterfeld, Dominik Klueppel, Ralf Koch, Susanne Schneider, Gerrit Steinhagen, Ana Maria Mihalcea and Willibald Schroeder: Rapid and prognostically valid Quantification of Immunohistochemical reactions by immunohistochemistry of the most positive Tumor focus. A prospective Follow-Up study on Breast Cancer using Antibodies against MIB-l, PCNA, ER, and PR. Journal of Pathology, Vol. 185; 25-31 (1998)

Publications in Books

Chapter – In the Age of the Miraculous: Miracles, Extraordinary Experiences, and Discoveries, compiled by Sophie Sykes, Rosette Publishing

Chapter- The Radical Few: Ordinary people Manifesting the Extraordinary, compiled by Sophie Sykes, Rosette Publishing ( contains case reports of Mercy Blu room Program)

Languages spoken: English, German, Romanian