Light Therapy and Mindful Healing

At AM Medical LLC we understand how important “Stasis” is for healing.

Stasis is a detached state of Being in which healing can occur and the body’s electrical system is in harmony with life in a state of peace, joy, and love. In this state, the body can recover from disease.

It has been shown in studies of telomeres, the capping structure of DNA, that the longer the telomeres the healthier and younger the cells. Through repetitive cell divisions, telomeres shorten over time.  Chronic stress, depression, negative emotions like hate, anxiety and fear induce shortened telomeres and cause a greater risk for chronic diseases and premature death. In contrast, a joyful, loving, peaceful state of mind, affects a reversal of premature aging by elongating telomeres and increasing telomerase activity, which is the enzyme that repairs telomeres.    

Blu Room light therapy induces a state of mindful stasis and peace through light, frequency and sound. It therefore creates conditions in the human mind and body that promote healing on every level. We collaborate with local Blu Rooms ( to  complement our patients healing journeys with light therapy.

The scientific medical benefits of UV light therapy are extensive; from antimicrobial to the downregulation of inflammatory genes, which is the primary cause of aging, to mood elevation, to support Vitamin D3 production, to improving circadian rhythm, to promoting better sleep, and to the release of nitric oxide in skin and more.