Long Covid Consultations

Long Covid affects millions of people in America. The debilitating symptoms of autonomic dysfunction, chronic fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations, blood pressure abnormalities and overall, the sensation of rapid aging are some of the symptoms that people experience.

Dr. Mihalcea is an expert in the treatment of Long Covid and Vaccine Shedding. The innovative technologies of the R3M Autonomic Nervous System test can detect findings that explain symptom many mainstream physicians are not able to appropriately diagnose, for example, POTS, cardiac autonomic neuropathy leading to abnormal heart rhythm, adrenal fatigue, sympathetic overdrive.

The WAVI Brain EEG allows the functional brain assessment showing significant findings explaining brain fog. Innovative treatment modalities like peptides, nutritional optimization and IV Therapies can be used to reverse all these symptoms.

Many people experience symptoms of vaccine shedding. These symptoms also can be addressed and successfully reversed. Part of the diagnostic workup for Long Covid and Shedding include Darkfield Live Blood Analysis. Dr. Mihalcea is an international researcher of nanotechnology and synthetic biology, evaluating the transformation of human blood.

For more information and extensive international interviews by Dr Mihalcea on this subject, please click on this Substack link of Dr. Ana’s Newsletter:

COVID Spike Protein Causes Accelerated Aging

Age Reversal Strategies Can Help Long Covid and Possibly Vaccine Injury Symptoms of Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmunity, Cardiac Symptoms like POTS and more.

Complete Reversal of Long Haul Covid Brain Dysfunction as documented by WAVI Brain EEG.