Exosomes – The New Frontier

3d render of a cell secreting exosomes

Exosomes are small vesicles -1/1000th of the size of a cell. They are produced by our cells as messengers. Mesenchymal stem cells that are harvested at birth produce exosomes that are filled with 300 different growth factors, Micro RNA, messenger RNA. Stem cells as a factory that makes all of the messages to make a newborn body grow – exosomes carry all of that information in them and they are so small they can go anywhere in the body and into every cell and deliver a message of absolute rejuvenation.  The RNA of those young cells can be transcribed into many proteins that are of young nature.

There was an experiment when 2 rats were sowed together, one young and one old.  The information shared from the young to old rat made the old rat young again. This is the same information transfer process through Exosomes that we are using from perinatal exosomes to your body. In studies, degenerative diseases from Heart Disease,  Vascular problems to Brain diseases like Alzheimer dementia, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, lung diseases, skin diseases and wound healing… have been beneficially affected.

Exosomes are a possible key therapy for age reversal and longevity.

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